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Our courses offer more structured learning experiences than a typical group program. They’re designed with input from qualified and experienced educators based on contemporary learning theory. Each course has clear learning outcomes and activities to explore and build knowledge.

Nothing! All courses are free, but you must register before attending.

Our courses are friendly, informative, engaging and enjoyable to help students on their recovery journey. Two trainers co-facilitate each course – one an expert by education, working in their field of expertise; the other an expert by experience, those who have personal experience who will share their experience as part of the course.

None. All of our courses are open to everyone at all levels and at all stages of recovery. All we require is an open mind and a willingness to participate.

The courses are held at 10013-110 Ave. Grand Prairie AB, T8V 3J1.

Anyone aged 16+ affected by mental health or addiction who want to explore the recovery journey and their own wellness. Those who are supporting a family or friend, as well as people working in the mental health field are welcome to attend. No referral is needed.

If you need help registering, please contact 780-533-5524 or email us at

CMHA - Grande Prairie Region Programs

This workshop is designed to help participants develop constructive coping and communication skills to benefit themselves both individually and in their interactions with others. Even if you are not angry in a situation, the anger of others can be contagious. Dealing with angry people on their terms is almost always frustrating and ineffective for all parties involved. By developing the skills to manage your own anger and to effectively communicate with angry individuals, you can create a calmer, less hostile environment that will ultimately make everyone’s life easier.

The Education program works to promote mental health through interactive learning sessions presented to youth and adult audiences by qualified educators, using evidence-based knowledge, and top quality teaching practices. A variety of session topics, as well as more advanced skill and resiliency building courses are offered.

Most mental disorders develop gradually. The early signs and symptoms of developing mental health problems will be different from the more established clinical profiles which are reflected later in life. The social, educational and family environments in which mental disorders occur in young people are also different later in life. Therefor, the information provided in this course is designed to be sensitive to the unique aspects of mental health problems in young people. It is meant to assist educational professionals, health providers, parents and other adults in the identification of mental health problems and appropriate first aid intervention strategies. Early identification can help improve the lives of young people across Canada.

Our Peer Support service provides the opportunity for anyone, individual, family member, friend or professional – looking for a connection with someone who understands what it’s like to experience a mental health or substance use concern, the chance to speak with someone with lived personal experience.

Using an educational-based approach, Recovery College offers courses to help people recognize and develop their own resourcefulness and awareness in order to support themselves or their loved one on their recovery journey. Everyone—family, friends, caregivers, professionals and the general public—are welcome to attend our free courses supporting recovery and wellbeing. All of our courses are interactive, and offer positive learning experiences and emphasize hope, control and opportunity.

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